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Fundraising With T-shirts

Easily earn $1800 or more for your school, camp, sports team or charity.

100% zero-risk fundraising
Never spend a dime. Never buy inventory.
Free online site for the campaign.

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What Sets Us Apart

Each campaign receives their own Personal Campaign Manager, whose purpose is to assist you in developing an effective marketing strategy and ensure a wonderful and profitable experience.

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Fundraise the fast, free & easy way with custom t-shirts!

We make it easy to raise money for your project, organization, or event.

It’s So Easy to Start Raising Money For Your Organization

We Design Your Product

Use your design to make money for your project, event, company or organization. With no fees or inventory requirements, your campaign is totally free to operate!

Choose A Price & Goal

Decide how much you want your t-shirts to be sold for and how many you think you can sell.

Spread The Word

Promote your campaign via social media & email to watch your campaign grow. Who knows — maybe your campaign will even go viral!

Earn Profits

There’s no limit to how much you can earn! Once your campaign closes, we’ll send any profits to you electronically.

Learn The Benefits Of Working With Us

No Upfront Costs

You don’t have to buy t-shirts in bulk, hoping you’ll get enough supporters to cover your costs. Instead, we take your design, upload it to our site, and people can buy as they feel fit. No upfront cost to you.

Rewards For Your Supporters

T-Shirt fundraising online is a healthy alternative to giving candy, most supporters want a little something to show for their financial donation. T-Shirts offer just that. Not only do they get a reward for their donation, they also get to show it off to the world.

Raises Awareness

T-Shirts are a great way to raise awareness for your cause. Just think: after a person purchases a shirt and contributes to your cause, they’ll go wear that shirt. Their friends, family, and colleagues will see it, and it could lead to even more contributions in the future. Word of mouth promotions is very powerful.

High Profit

Each shirt you sell can offer you $10 or more in profit. If you sell just 60 shirts, that’s a whopping $600 in your pocket. Just imagine what your organization could do with that kind of money.

No Hassle

Custom T-Shirt fundraising takes the burden off your shoulders. Once your campaign website is up all you have to do it promote via social media or friends and wait for the check to come. We’ll handle printing and shipping all on your behalf. We Make the process easy as possible.

All Sales Are Online

Custom T-Shirt fundraising is a very powerful tool to reach supporters and get the donations you need. Because it’s all online,  you can receive donations 24 hours a day. Plus we have made your campaign page easy to share and purchase from. Just share the campaign with your friends and family, and they can purchase instantly on their phones or laptops.